Baiyun to build innovation, industry hub

Updated : May 5, 2023

Baiyun district recently announced its proposal to implement a major development plan called "One Park, Two Cities, Three Capitals, and Four Zones", local media outlets reported on May 4.

Among them, "One Park" refers to the Guangzhou Private Science and Technology Park, which is already part of the "One District and Five Parks" plan for the Guangzhou High-tech Development Zone.

The park is located in the northern section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, and has a planned area of approximately 38 square kilometers.

In 2022, the park's operating income reached 173.6 billion yuan ($25.1 billion). Enterprises in the park invested 3.9 billion yuan ($0.6 billion) into research and development. In terms of industrial innovation, the park has built 10 industrial innovation complexes.

As part of the new development plan, the "Two Cities" refer to Baiyun Lake Digital Technology City and Baiyun New City. The "Three Capitals" refer to designated areas in Guangzhou that focus heavily on design, fashion and food. Finally, the "Four Zones" consist of the Modern Urban Agriculture Demonstration Zone, the Lingang Economic Zone, the Vibrant Riverside Area, and the Cultural Tourism and Creative Area.

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