Images of silver pheasants captured on Baiyun Mountain

Updated : March 23, 2023

A scientific research team has photographed a multitude of wild animals in the Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, including a silver pheasant, which is Guangdong's symbolic bird and a second-class protected animal in China, local media outlets reported on March 20.

Known as the "fairy of the forest", the feathers on a male silver pheasant's upper body are white and densely covered with black lines. A male will also have a long, thick, blue and black crest, while a female bird will have olive brown feathers and a nearly black crest.

The silver pheasant has a dull voice and has been regarded as a valuable ornamental bird in Chinese culture since ancient times. They prefer to live in the lower section of the forest on Baiyun Mountain, mainly feeding on insects, berries, seeds, leaves and moss.

In addition, the team has taken over 150 photos and several videos of 10 other animal species, such as the muntiacus muntjak, the red-bellied squirrel, and the maritime striped squirrel.


Image of the silver pheasant. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]


Image of the red-bellied squirrel. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

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