Baiyun sets up three cross-border e-commerce centers

Updated : February 28, 2023

The 2023 Global Service Conference for Cross-Border E-commerce Sellers and the inauguration of three centers for cross-border e-commerce were held in Guangzhou's Baiyun district on Feb 27, with the aim of shaping the new ecosystem of the cross-border e-commerce industry.

At the meeting, experts from the participating industries and representatives of well-known enterprises focused on activating the new ecosystem of cross-border e-commerce industry clusters. They also discussed new directions for brand exports of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises.

Fifteen leading cross-border e-commerce enterprises and investment institutions, including JD Group, eBay, New Egg Group, Ant Group, Amazon, as well as PDD Holdings, jointly launched an action plan to build three centers for cross-border e-commerce.

The three centers are the Global Service Center for Cross-Border E-commerce Sellers, the Super Supply Chain Center for Cross-Border E-Commerce, and the Business Innovation Center for Cross-Border E-Commerce.

Nine key industry associations, including the Guangdong Chamber of Daily-Used Chemicals, the Guangdong E-Commerce Development and Promotion Association, as well as the Shenzhen Cross-border E-Commerce Association, signed a sharing agreement with the three centers for cross-border e-commerce.

All sides will combine their resources in seller services, supply chain, and ecosystem innovation to build a comprehensive online and offline integrated platform, as well as to create a one-stop service for the cross-border e-commerce industry cluster, thus helping foreign trade enterprises promote their brands and expand the overseas businesses smoothly.


The inauguration of three centers for cross-border e-commerce is held. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_baiyunfabu]

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