Baiyun Lake Digital Technology City

Updated : May 25, 2022

With a planning area of 28 square kilometers, the Baiyun Lake Digital Technology City focuses on the national strategy of digital economy, synergized innovation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the construction of a digital economy innovation demonstration zone through the joint efforts of Guangzhou and Foshan cities.

The general layout of Baiyun Lake Digital Technology City includes a new-generation information technology park, an IoT park, an intelligent manufacturing services park, an innovation and entrepreneurship base for youth from Hong Kong and Macao, a high-end software and artificial intelligence park, a digital economy experience zone and a digital talents cluster.

Leading companies, including Zhongguancun Information Valley, Leaguer Group Co., Ltd., Peking University Science Park, and HIT Big Data Group have settled in the zone.

With a prospective investment of 1.2 billion yuan ($188.46 million), Baiyun Lake Digital Technology City will transform itself into a creative hub for information technology and artificial intelligence. It will also introduce digital economy industries such as information technology, applied software services and artificial intelligence, which are expected to generate an annual revenue of over 3.5 billion yuan.

The new-generation information technology park covers 3.96 square kilometers for developing cloud computing, new-generation telecommunication network, information security, technological services, digital transportation and digital media.

With a floor area of 1.2 square kilometers, the IoT park puts at the top of the agenda the development of the internet of things and big data industries and the building of a cluster of the internet of things, smart city and big data services along with the construction of a public services center, a smart and digital community and a comprehensive commercial services center.

The intelligent manufacturing services park has a planning area of 0.68 square kilometers. It strives to build a R&D and services base and an industrial cluster of smart manufacturing services. The innovation and entrepreneurship base for youth from Hong Kong and Macao (digital creative industrial park) covers an area of 2.23 square kilometers. It will build a hub with a wide range of aspects, which include education, training, design, research and development, investment, incubation, application and operation.

The industrial park of high-end software and artificial intelligence covers an area of 1.92 square kilometers. It focuses on the development of leading industries such as high-end software and the building of a research center for artificial intelligence by introducing DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.

The planned area for the digital economy experience zone is 1.99 square kilometers. The zone aims to develop smart public services such as digital commerce, personalized customization and virtual reality and build a demonstration area of sharing economy, smart city and smart tourism.

The cluster of digital talents covers a planning area of 1.42 square kilometers for building functional zones of entertainment, leisure, business, shopping and living to meet the demands of and create a pleasant living place for high-caliber talents and young entrepreneurs in digital technologies.


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