Modern Urban Agriculture Demonstration Zone

Updated : May 24, 2022

The Modern Urban Agriculture Demonstration Zone in Baiyun district aims to facilitate the “Shopping Basket Project”, a program initiated to guarantee non-staple food supplies in cities, build an urban leisure agricultural region and form an emerging business cluster.

The zone will focus on the construction of the Guangdong Rural Revitalization Cultural Service Industrial Park, foster the agglomeration of the seed industry and agricultural product processing and circulation, boost vegetable growing, modern flower planting and livestock and poultry breeding, and promote the development of four characteristic urban agricultural belts along Maofeng Mountain, Liuxi Bay, Yunxi Bay and Bajing River.

The zone will drive the transfer of rural land management rights, strengthen production and marketing docking, enhance science and technology achievement transformation, develop cold-chain logistics, and forge a whole industrial chain for modern agriculture in Baiyun district.


Modern Urban Agriculture Demonstration Zone [Photo provided to]

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